About me

My performance name is Butch Raw, it bounced around from a lot of different names but at the end Butch Raw just fit my style. I was born January, 19th, 1995 in Warren, Michigan. I bounced back and forth between cities growin up because my mom was always moving.  But I spent most of my time was at 8 mile at my dad’s house. My mom and my dad split when I was a kid, my dad’s the first one that introduced me to hip hop. He used to listen to a lot of Geto Boys and was fond of Bushwick Bill. My dad wasn’t really into the whole makin music thing, so I’ve kinda just taught myself over the years, from listening to a lot of genres of music, then taking people’s feedback on my music into consideration.  I’ve been makin music since I was 12 or 13 years old. It took me almost 10 plus years to find a flow that actually fit me best. I’ve encountered many label offers over the years of rapping which I’ve chose to turn down.


That all almost came to an end on October, 17th, 2016 when my firearm discharged in my hand and the bullet hit me in my in my face, it was a .38 magnum hollow tip. Thankfully the hollow tip did NOT explode on impact like it should have or else I would no longer be here…. But because of this tragic accident I lost the frontal lobe of my brain and lost my eye. I have over 30 titanium plates in my head, with over 100 screws holding them in place. I had to learn how to do everything over again. I had to learn how to walk properly again, learn how to drive again, learn how my perception was, because I would run into walls or whatever was on the side of the eye that I lost. I know longer could see on one side of my face.


Due to the gunshot I’m deaf in my right ear and still can only smell and taste certain things. I had to undergo multiple brain surgeries and almost lost my life multiple times during the process. The first thing I did when I got out of the hospital after being in a coma for over a month was booked a studio appointment because I had a story to tell.  My perception was still all messed up and I still was having trouble walking, but nothing was gonna stop me.  I have a story to tell and it’s gonna be told.  In order to gain strength, you gotta experience weakness. The doctors told me I unable to have a child because of this accident, told my family that I would permanently be disabled, and pretty much sayin that I’d be a vegetable. I proved them all wrong! I am more intelligent because of my accident. I was even blessed with a child.  My son is almost 2 years old, and is my best friend. This kid saved my life and doesn’t know it. Everything I do is for my son. I went from bein a gun tote'n gang banger and having to drive my best friend to the hospital because he blew his leg in half at my house with his gun, to being a minivan ridin soccer dad.


 I hope my story would be a lesson to everyone about the consequences of their actions. Yeah gang banging havin money and sellin drugs might look cool. Until you’re kicked in the face by real life, you’re gettin shot at, getting into shoot outs and watching you’re homies get killed or locked away for the rest of their life. I just want my listeners to know about being humble and not taking life for granted. Life’s way to short, your life could be over in the blink of an eye.


Or in my case, I’m at home, the next minute I wake up in the hospital 2 months later, barely being able to move, missing my eye, and a head full of staples and scars. I would like to be looked at more like an example showing people you can live that “dope” life all you want, but it will never end well. I got a lot of my influence on music from listening to Spooky Black, Nas, Big Pun, Bone thugs, Lil Mosey, Ashanti, and a couple other artists.


What I tried to do is incorporate everything I’ve learned from these artists and put it into one big bunch and the style just flowed with me as a person very well.  I strive for music, it has been that way almost half my life now. When I’m not makin music, I feel empty inside. I’m not the type of guy that shows my emotions, so I use my music to release them.  All my music is from my heart, just speaking out.  My dad was a really big influence on me, always has somethin positive to say about what I’m doin and he’s just an all-around supportive guy.  When I was a kid someone tried to take my dad’s life and ran him over 7 times. My dad almost lost his life because of it. He was in the hospital for months and was pretty much helpless.


I made an unwritten contract with myself that my dad will see me achieve my dreams, and hopefully my family could be proud of me for once.  I come from a really broken family who constantly fights with one another.  I feel like I’m the only hope left for myself and my family and all I have to do is release my emotions with music. Music is my life now and that’s how it’s gonna be till the day I die.